How to Draw Alamond

(Original version)

Originally started Apr.7, 2012, published Apr.10, 2012 by IMaidensWing.

In this step by step image tutorial I will be teaching you guys a “How To” lesson on drawing my character Alamond on Paint Tool Sai. This is a recent tutorial, so you’ll know how I draw my chibis, and the big improvement I’ve gone through so far in this style of art. Keep in mind that the first image is the intro! Please click the images to enlarge them.

This tutorial has 14 steps + credits

Please give the gallery a few moments to load. By clicking the first image/step you will be viewing it in a slide show that can be clicked (back and forward for easy viewing).

To download Paint Tool Sai, you can watch this video by YouTuber SuperAelita.

Tips from this drawing tutorial:
Step 4 tips: Don’t be afraid to try out a new pose, it helps you expand your abilities.

Step 6 tips: To avoid confusion, delete the *body guidelines* so you can see a preview of the body.

Step 8 tips: Use her original look to help you (shown in step 7)

Step 9 tips: Be creative, but keep keep her look in mind…

Step 11 tips: Your eraser is your friend, use it. Paint Tool Sai users, use transform to help you edit. Also use flip horizontally.

Step 12 tips: Clothing should follow the movement of the body.

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